Web Analytics Tagging and Tracking Explained

A short audio slide show that explains the very basics of how web analytics tools collect data, regardless of whether they’re Yahoo! Web Analytics, Google Analytics, Webtrends, Adobe (Omniture) Sitecatalyst, Coremetrics, or (I assume) AT Internet.

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Contextdata Variables in SiteCatalyst 15

In this tutorial, Kevin shows you how to get started with contextData variables in SiteCatalyst 15.

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SiteCatalyst 15 Processing Rules

In this tutorial, Kevin shows you how to get started with processing rules in SiteCatalyst 15.

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Facebook Insights for Websites

In this tutorial, Jason shows you how to hookup Facebook Insights for your site or blog.

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Webtrends Apps: Facebook Ads Conversion Funnel Demo

Creating a conversion funnel from a Facebook Ad to an app on Facebook used to be a nightmare of tagging and Excel. Now, with Webtrends Apps, you can build a conversion funnel in just minutes. Plus, it uses Facebook’s own Ads API data, so you can find conversions for campaigns that already occurred.

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